Pool Maintenance

Pool maintenance - is it worth the hassle?

When you own a swimming pool, you are endowed with many the many advantages that come with it. The pool is able to provide socialization, relaxation and even exercise. For any backyard sanctuary, it is a great addition. During hot days, swimming pools turns out to be real life savers. You will feel more relaxed and refreshed in a cool, deep, clean swimming pool in hotter days. Ensure that the pool is properly cared for.

You are required to do regular maintenance on your swimming pool, be it an above ground or an in ground swimming pool.  However, you will be faced with the hurdle of finding adequate money and time so as to carry out your maintenance.

The responsible pool users, be it the owner or other users, should ensure that the pool is clean and at the same time safe. If your homework is done in a proper way, you will find that pool maintenance is not necessarily a labor intensive and time consuming activity. Depending on your climate, performing regular swimming pool maintenance will be helpful in keeping optimum swimming conditions all year round. Heat is always a factor to consider for any real pool owner. In a contrasting situation, a certain location or colder climates may contain more vegetation and trees which contribute to other debris in the pool. This should also be factored in.

The outside weather and the frequency at which the pool is used are the two major factors which govern swimming pool water conditions. The pool’s water will be adversely affected if there is incorrect balance of chemicals. The waters can be turned into algae green.  Much attention should be paid to the chemical balance in sunnier climates. For you to keep your pool safe and clean all year round here are tips to remember.

Prevent algae: They are small microscopic organisms which are invisible in their early stages to the normal eye. Lack of proper maintenance will see them grow and lead to cloudy pool waters. Have enough chlorine so as to suppress any growth of algae and have a visual inspection of the pool twice weekly. Your filtering system will be greatly affected if algae are left to grow out of control.

Pool chemistry:  For you to be able to prolong a pool’s equipment life and create a healthy pool, ensure that you have well balanced pool water. At all times, make sure that your chlorine reservoir has chlorine sticks or tablets. When it seems appropriate, add balancing chemicals on a regular basis to your pool. A chemical testing kit should be used to check the pool’s chemical balance at least two times in a week.

Proper PH: When the PH is too high or too low, then pool waters will turn out to be unsafe. Ensue that you also carry out the test twice a week. Skin irritations may be caused by improper PH, while having a proper PH has the ability of affecting the water clarity.

Calcium: For a fiberglass type of pool or other fixed pools, the pool’s liner is not kept flexible by calcium. It is essential to balance calcium levels as low calcium levels are possible to lead to a very brittle liner.

With these great tips and knowledge on importance of pool maintenance, your pool will be adored by many.